A Letter to My Senior Self

Dear Senior Haily,

Writing this letter, I can only think about how fast my first year of college went by so fast, and how the next three have treated you and passed by just as fast as this one. Looking back on writing this letter before you went of to your sophomore year, you probably remember how nervous you were about the Teacher’s Prep deadlines, and how the new classes might be, but also how you were excited to go back to the family and home you found during your first year at Longwood. But now you are graduating and are about to embark on the next journey in your education: your Master’s Degree program.

Going into my second year at Longwood, I find myself excited yet almost hesitant to go back. I did well in my first year: I made more friends and found a family within the Honors College that I never imagined possible, and I managed to be successful academically, as well. However, I recognize that the school work will get even harder, but I know that I will over come it just as I have before with the same passion and dedication, and I hope that as a senior, you have kept this outlook, and are just as successful in your next four years as you had been during your first.

Right now, I can only imagine the future that you soon face. Just another year or so if schooling, and then out into the real world as the teacher you always hoped you would be. But as you make this next big step, I hope you can look back on your past four years fondly. As of your first year at Longwood, you were an active and distinguished member within the Honors Student Association, an advanced member of the Longwood Company of Belly Dancers, and a brother of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. With all of this within your first year, I hope you do more; try things you never thought previously possible, like joining Greek Life, or becoming a Special Education Ambassador. Try again to become a Longwood Ambassador, and keep trying if it doesn’t happen the second or even third time. Don’t shy away from things that you don’t think you can’t do, and tackle everything that comes your way with all you have.

Over all, I hope that you are happy with the path that you have followed, and have accomplished all that you have hoped for, such as that certification in ASD. I hope you had fun, but also did all you could to get to where you are, (and hopefully solved your stress problems by eliminating any procrastination). Just as it has been for your first year of college, I hope that Honors has remained your home, and even though you are graduating, that you remember that Honors, as well as Longwood,  will always be a place to return to. After all, it’s where you met your closest friends, found your interests, took you across the world, and changed for the better as a person.

With high hopes and best wishes,

(Freshman) Haily Joseph