When considering the meaning of the community in context to the Cormier Honors College, the first thing that comes to mind is that Honors is a family. When I came to Longwood as a freshman, I had no clue what to expect; I knew no one in my class, and I was not yet comfortable with my surrounding. However, in coming to the Honors Retreat in the fall, I was quickly introduced to the close-knit community that is the Cormier Honors College. Classmates and upperclassman rushed to make me feel at-home, and soon I came to realize the home and family that Honors has seemed to provide to all those who join.

However, Honors goes beyond the walls of Wheeler. As a whole, the Honors students work together with in the Longwood community to be successful. Whether it is in an Honors class ,or otherwise, when I find myself in a bind due to school work or extra-curricular activities, I know that I can always go to anyone apart of Honors and I will get the help I need. Even more, I know that when things need done, the honor students within our community will come together to do things together, such as with completing community service, or in trying to connect with other on-campus communities through organizing the Big Event.

Over all, to me, community represents the fact that those in Honors stick together. It has let me join groups such as the Honors Student Association, and is where I have found my closest friends.  We are a family, and being in Honors has only made me certain that I have found my home away from home

Honors coming together to tackle Oozeball