What an incredible way to spend a weekend!  Not only did I learn about the most widely used resources in literacy, but I also rediscovered my first love, students.  Many times we can grow weary in our well-doing, and this conference rekindled my passion, not just for reading, but for the kids I serve.  On Thursday, I met Marcia Invernizzi of Words Their Way fame, and heard her present to a packed hall, while grinning from ear to ear.  Later, Our Longwood family met on Thursday night and set the tone of circumspect celebration for this weekend.  As our cohort nears May graduation, I was pleased to be part of this time of refreshing and rebuilding the inspiration that began our journey.  The most remarkable opportunity I had in Roanoke was to meet the Literacy Coach for a juvenile detention center in Northern Virginia.  I started a similar position on Monday March 20, and the insight I received during her presentation (and after) have proven to be invaluable as I begin this new journey.  VRSA was a rare opportunity to consider my work as an educator as a personal investment in the future.  Perhaps kick-off presenter, Mr. Turban, put it best when he said, “Teaching is a life well lived.”  Thank you, Longwood RLL and College of Graduate Studies, for the chance to remember and revisit my first love.