I just returned from a whirlwind weekend at the VAASL (Virginia Association of School Librarians) conference in Williamsburg.  This was my first library conference and it was a memorable experience. I was exposed to so many of the latest and greatest in library trends, materials and online sources and received a wealth of information that will be useful in my future library.  The most impactful aspect of the weekend was the focused sessions on emerging trends.  They were far more in depth than I expected and detailed 50 new educational websites and apps, 82 children’s books published in 2018, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR & VR) for library use, audiobooks, library lessons and resources for the nonfiction books on the 2018 VRC (Virginia Reader’s Choice) list.  This conference was a surprisingly hands-on experience that made my library education come to life and made me even more passionate for library learning.  It was a learning experience that was beyond what I get in my current graduate classes. I learned so much from the conference and can’t wait to make attending an annual tradition since the experience was so meaningful.