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Future Librarian Inspired by the 2015 VAASL Conference

Where to start?  The VAASL Conference was a wonderful experience, from perusing the vendors and getting to see 3D printers at work to attending conference sessions, it was nonstop.  It was hard to choose which sessions to attend with so many options.  My favorites were Online Tools in Action, Pairing Literature with Primary Sources, Oh the Places You’ll Go (four cool tools), and the Coding sessions, but I enjoyed every single one of the sessions I chose to attend.  I am so excited to try out the “Hour of Code” and am signed up for training in DC for next week.

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I thought the speakers were wonderful, especially Maggie Stiefvater who divided her speech into 8 chapters of her life.  I loved that and thought it was a brilliant way to keep the audience focused while she was talking.  I also enjoyed meeting Lamar Giles and can’t wait to share his new book in my current classroom.  This experience was well worth the cost and I hope to be able to attend next year, as well.

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VAASL 2015

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I am finishing up the School Librarianship cohort with Prince William County.  As part of the program we asked to attend the VAASL (Virginia Association of School Librarians) conference in Williamsburg, VA.  I recently moved to Connecticut, but I traveled back to VA to attend the conference.  It was well worth it!  I went to 10 sessions and every single one was amazing! I am currently a high school librarian and I learned so much at this conference.  I have so many new ideas I can’t wait to bring back to my school!  My favorite session, by far, was Maggie Stiefvater’s presentation on Mythology in YA literature.  My book club is currently reading The Scorpio Races.  I can’t wait to show them that I met her and got a picture with her!  The kids are going to be so excited!  Her stories and explanation of what inspires her to write was interesting and I can’t wait to share that with the group, too.  Another session that was great was one on how to promote your library program.  I came away with great ideas that don’t really cost all that much.  This conference was a great way to network and learn about all the wonderful things that other librarians are doing!  This conference was extremely educational and I can’t wait to return next year.

Librarians on the Edge in Williamsburg

VASSLI learned so much at the VAASL Conference in Williamsburg.  I picked up a wealth of ideas, resources, and contacts to take back to my school.  Some of the highlights included keynote speakers Shannon Miller and Margaret Willison, but my absolute favorite was YA author Maggie Stiefvater.  As a first-year librarian, this conference was very valuable to me and I hope to return every year!


VaASL 2015

This year’s VaASL conference was very well-organized and informative.  Highlights of the conference were keynote addresses from Margaret Willison, pop culture guru, and Shannon Miller, an Iowa librarian who isn’t afraid to try anything and has a passion for the students and teachers with whom she works, and the Friday night author banquet with Maggie Steifvater, author of the Shiver trilogy and The Scorpio Races, who kept us in stitches with her 8-chapter life story.  They were each very entertaining and approachable. I learned something from each session I attended, including amazing websites from Heather Moorefield-Lang, Karla Collins, and Audrey Church, that I will share with students and teachers at my school. Other topics that will help me improve our library were about diverse book selections, how to host a poetry slam, handling 1:1 implementation, teaching summarization, and making over your website.  I even learned a lot from visiting various vendors (Alexandria, Follett, Mackin, Worldbook, Gale Cengage, and Library of Virginia) in the exhibitor hall. I will definitely attend next year’s conference in Norfolk!


VAASL 2015

imageI had the opportunity to attend the VAASL 2015 conference in Williamsburg, VA this past weekend. It was AMAZING!  I learned a lot of new information and saw some wonderful librarians and authors.  I had the opportunity to attend several breakout sessions including:  Top 10 Trends from AASL, Top Apps for Librarians, Makerspaces, Middle School Programming, and Myths and Magic to name a few.  I had the opportunity to connect with Shannon Miller over Twitter and meet Maggie Stiefvater!  There were many informative vendors who gave out fabulous swag like Google Cardboards.  My favorite was the Farmer who had a live pig with whom I had the chance to get up close and personal with.  (Albeit he was a little stinky!)  I would like to thank the Graduate Department of Longwood University for the opportunity to make this a bit more financially feasible with the graduate travel grant.  I know that VAASL will become a permanent fixture in my professional development plan.  I can’t wait for next year!

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