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I am finishing up the School Librarianship cohort with Prince William County.  As part of the program we asked to attend the VAASL (Virginia Association of School Librarians) conference in Williamsburg, VA.  I recently moved to Connecticut, but I traveled back to VA to attend the conference.  It was well worth it!  I went to 10 sessions and every single one was amazing! I am currently a high school librarian and I learned so much at this conference.  I have so many new ideas I can’t wait to bring back to my school!  My favorite session, by far, was Maggie Stiefvater’s presentation on Mythology in YA literature.  My book club is currently reading The Scorpio Races.  I can’t wait to show them that I met her and got a picture with her!  The kids are going to be so excited!  Her stories and explanation of what inspires her to write was interesting and I can’t wait to share that with the group, too.  Another session that was great was one on how to promote your library program.  I came away with great ideas that don’t really cost all that much.  This conference was a great way to network and learn about all the wonderful things that other librarians are doing!  This conference was extremely educational and I can’t wait to return next year.