IMG_6990 On March 16th and 17th 2017 I attended the 50th annual VSRA conference. This event took place in the downtown historic Roanoake Hotel.  The day began with breakfast and our first session with Dr. Steven Layne.  His session was called “In Defence of Reading-Aloud” What an amazing way to start the day! He spoke about the importance of reading exciting and influential texts out loud to students.  I have always been in favor of reading aloud but his session defined the importance and bought me back to what being read a dramatic reading really felt like.  I told my fellow classmates that his session alone would have been worth the trip.  The rest of the day was just as great and flew by with multiple professional developments.  I attended 4 more 60 minute sessions, where I learned about some of the best ways to work with student who test low in comprehension, new ideas for daily 5, growing great writers and more about concept of word.  Two of the 4 sessions were presented by my Reading and Literacy professors. Watching them present publically at the VSRA conference was such a treat.  I am very greatful to Longwood University for providing me with the funds and insight to attend such a fantastic event. I am also very thankful to attend a school that is so focused on furthering our education through authentic experiences such as state reading conferences. Thank you.