11051906_10155277679790324_5835298297394411123_nThis past weekend, March 12-14, I attended the 49th Annual VSRA Conference in Richmond, Virginia. I was given the opportunity to present on Friday afternoon with Amanda Haynes, Lauren Flood and Megan Crowe. Our presentation was based on techniques for engaging English language learners through speaking, reading, and writing. We had such a great experiencing preparing and presenting our material. It was a great opportunity to speak publicly and to teach fellow educators. Other than being able to present, we really enjoyed the sessions that we were able to choose from and attend. Amanda Haynes and I attended a session titled, “Word study is FUN!” and we learned so many activities to truly make word study fun and engaging . I am excited to implement them into my future classroom. Apart from the sessions, it was just exciting and inspiring to be surrounded by so many educators. It is great how everyone comes together to learn more and to better teach our children. I had a lovely time at this year’s VSRA Conference and I hope to attend in the future.