Amy Miska

I really enjoyed my time at this year’s conference!  I attended my regional conference last March and I have to say that both conferences were so well put together and informative.  As a library student the classes I attended and the people I met have paid great dividends!  I look forward to using the knowledge gained in the years to come as I pursue my career as a librarian.

I arrived Friday for the lunch and the afternoon courses.  I also was able to see the key note speaker, Paige Jaeger who gave her address, “Heart-to-Heart Talk for Librarians.” She discussed ways to reach the seemingly  unreachable millennials.

On Saturday I was able to attend a few sessions as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Makers space classes I took as I see this as a firm direction that I am leading toward.  It is so important to give children a chance to discover, try, fail, try again and learn experience that is so often lost in our test driven curriculum.  I was also excited to learn tips and ideas on how to run a Family Reading Night in my library.  Learning about what Google is and can do for you was another great course that really peaked my interest and makes me want to learn more.

I found all of my instructors to be knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  The courses were relevant and the 45 minute time slots to be appropriate for the content.