Senior Letter

Dear 22 year-old Rio,

Its been a long and hard yet unforgettable four years here at Longwood, many lessons have already been learned after two semesters, I can’t even imagine how much wiser you are after eight. I hope that MAC Championship ring fits well on your finger and you’ve had a successful, injury-free last three seasons, but most importantly making an impact on the team, coaches, and future LUFH players. Never forget you and Angelina in Dr. Blincoe’s Intro to Philosophy class first semester of freshman year, he currently holds the record as your favorite teacher as he is the only one to play more Zeppelin at your request. By now you should have been on an insanely cool study abroad trip and on your way to a non-profit or other organization to save the ocean and/or helping people in any way possible, this service to the community both local and worldwide will continue your education beyond college. Goals for graduation include finishing with a 3.5 or higher and figuring out what you want to do with your life. You have met some of your forever friends here and I’m expecting you to keep in contact with them no matter how much you hate your phone. You are now legally allowed to drink. Have fun with that. Most importantly one goal for the future is to make a positive impact on someones life, no matter how large or small.

See ya soon!

19 year-old Rio