To me this may very well be the most important of our three pillars. The act of helping someone who truly needs it is the most rewarding thing you can do. I fear that many people today only act in this way to receive some kind of physical reward when that will never truly fulfill ones soul. I find myself struggling with this at times and am constantly reminding myself that I did not do whichever nice thing for someone to receive some kind of compensation. I believe that we as a people should strive to do good things for each other for the sake of simply doing these things. Now I do understand that this is a very optimistic and potentially naive way of thinking, however I will continue to keep the faith.

One of my main goals in life that has been mentioned throughout this blog already is my passion for helping others and my goal to make an impact on others. I am working towards applying to a non-profit organization of some kind after college that will allow me to gain experience serving others even in simple ways. One huge part of my life is my love for nature and the land which we live on, which is in serious crisis and in need of serious help. I strive to do my part in my everyday life but long to do more, and plan to join a greater movement post-graduation.