Community can mean any number of things, usually along the lines of a group of people living together or sharing a common goal. There are an infinite number of communities all over the world and everyone is apart of something whether they know it or not. Community to me is about connecting with people of similar interests and goals, fellowship with these people and debate with those of opposing goals and ideas. To me community can be on a small or large scale, a team, class or major to a state, country or global entity. Neither is more important than the other, yet one can take precedent over the other at times. The communities I am involved in on campus include Athletics, Field Hockey, and the Political Science Major. I don’t have much experience in my major quite yet, but being apart of the athletics community has been amazing and rewarding in many ways.

During my time here I hope to make an impact on a number of communities and carry knowledge gained during this time to any future communities I may become apart of. A huge part of what I hope my career will turn out to be requires me to be able to interact with communities of all shapes and sizes. To understand what their goals and ideas are and to promote peace with the people existing within the communities.