HONS 495

This class has been one of the few that I really think allows for real life application. Specifically, in relationships rather than in whatever profession you are studying. I really enjoyed reading Symposium. I also enjoyed reading the existentialist pieces, even if I found them more challenging than other readings. I liked the play, No Exit, I thought it was a very interesting and much more entertaining way that Sartre got his point across. I found this class challenging because of how the content pushes you to think in a different way and apply it to relationships in your life.

Love, sex, and friendship is one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken. Almost all of the readings and assignments were directly related to real life. For this assignment, I got to write a wedding toast using the information learned during the class about long-term relationships. To make this assignment more personal, and less of the average academic research type of paper, I wrote the toast as if my brother was getting married. I chose this assignment to display here because it shows my growth in the area of philosophy and inĀ  my writing abilities. I still have more room to grow with the flow and organization of my writing and my use of proper citation techniques.