SPAN 110

This semester was my first time taking a Spanish class since kindergarten, where we only learned a few colors and some numbers. This class proved quite difficult for me, as it is extremely difficult to learn a new language. I had trouble with the pronunciation of many words and remembering all of the different conjugations and verb endings. I am however proud of the progress I made throughout the semester, for my final I was able to write a whole paragraph about my family and my daily routine in Spanish, I also was able to answer most of the questions during the speaking portion of the exam. I did however not know one of the questions, and have a long way to go on my quest to learn Spanish. My main areas to improve on would be speaking and listening and I have goals to learn how to roll my r’s and translate into English what someone is speaking in Spanish. The attached file is a group presentation on the mammals and reptiles of the El Gran Chaco rain forest in South America. I received a 70% on the project, likely for my lack of speaking proficiency, which I scored the lowest on for my overall final grade percentages.