ENSC 350

ENSC 350: Creatures of the Coast fulfilled the Quantitative or Scientific Perspectives. This environmental science class was based on protecting all the aquatic life that lived in or near the water. This life included animals, trees, corals, grasses, and so much more. During the class we learned about not only human made hazards to aquatic and costal wildlife, but also natural hazards that are often overlooked.

After completing this course I have much more appreciation for coastal wildlife and the need to protect it. We humans rely on this environment more than what is thought and like all other habitats it can be quickly destroyed. Throughout this course, we prepared and presented several speeches that related to informing others about aquatic environments and persuading others to help protect these environments. For my artifact for this page I included the draft of one of the informative speeches I prepared for this class. This speech talks about two ecological resources near my hometown that continue to to need to be protected.