PHIL 315

I took PHIL 315, Biomedical Ethics, my second semester freshman year. It was probably one of my favorite courses that year. During class time for this course all we did was have open discussions related to the previous night’s reading. I had never had a course like this before – where everyone was able to openly ask questions and voice their opinions. Having a course like this helped me find my voice. I had never been one to openly engage in class discussions, but in this course not only were you encouraged to speak up in class but required. It took some time but I eventually came out of my comfort zone and began to openly express my opinions on the topics we were discussing.

We covered some rather deep and difficult topics in this course, such as abortion and euthanasia. Along with readings and in-class discussions of these topics, I also had to have an oral argument with my professor on one of the issues. I had just worked up the courage to voice a few of my thoughts and opinions in class and now I had to argue with my professor on why I believed my views were right. I was terrified of this assignment but now I am thankful that I had to do it. It made me come out of my comfort zone and prepare for something that I may have to do again in the future. This oral assignment also showed me areas of growth that I need to work on to better myself as a student and person in general.

This course taught me so much – not only about the course material but about life in general. I now know the importance of hearing and understanding others opinions and of voicing your own. I better understand other sides and views from what I believe and how they affect me. Most importantly, I know where I can work on and improve in my own life that will not only benefit me, but others as well.

Below is an attached file of a personal reflection that I had to submit for this course. I included this assignment to give my audience a better insight of what I have taken away from this course.