Note to Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,

Wow, look how far you have come. You made it through the first year, freshman jitters. You survived and passed both anatomy courses and all of those nursing courses. You experienced those nervous butterflies in your stomach on your first day of clinical and on every skills test, but you made it. You made it to your senior year where everything is getting so real.

I know the journey has not been easy. I am sure there were many long hours studying (and I mean many), late night snacks to help get you through, phone calls with family to help you destress, and many many tears. Along with all of that, I know there was also many laughs, smiles, and memories created that you will always remember from this journey. This journey has shaped you into the person you are today and the person you will be when you graduate from nursing school.

It is hard to believe that it is almost over, but it is not over yet. This final year is not going to get any easier and there will be no room for slacking. You got this. Study your butt off for every quiz, test, and exam. Practice hard for your skills tests and be the best student nurse to your patients. Everything that you have done so far has lead you to where you are now. You are in control, so make sure that everything you do this year is the best that you can do. All that said, don’t forget to relax at times and take in everything that is happening. This is your senior year of college! Go make those everlasting memories and enjoy yourself but make sure to never lose focus of your studies. You are so close to becoming your dream and I am so proud of you.


Freshman You