MATH 171

I took MATH 171, Honors Statistics, my first semester freshman year. I was worried about taking an honors math course when I signed up for it, but it turned out to be one of my favorite math courses that I had ever taken. My worries about the class consisted of whether the course work was going to be too hard or too much. It was neither. The coursework was the perfect amount and difficulty for me to learn the content and become confident in the work that I was doing.

Before taking this course I always told myself that there was not anyway that someone could study for math, that you just had to know it. I quickly learned that sometimes you can’t just know how to do some things and I learned how to study math material. Trying to figure out ways and techniques to study this type of material also helped me develop study techniques that were beneficial to me in other courses. I started recopying my notes, making study guides, and studying with other students. This course helped show me the benefits of working with others and finding a study buddy to help and encourage you.

As an artifact from this course, I am attaching a written assignment that another student and I had to work on together and submit. Having to work on and complete assignments with other students helped me better learn the course material and gain confidence in my abilities to share my knowledge and work with others.