HIST 348

HIST 348: History of Spain fulfilled the Historical & Contemporary or Behavioral & Social Perspective. Throughout this course, we learned all about the history of Spain. From El Cid, various kings, war periods, historical buildings, artwork, food, and legends, we discussed it all. Growing up in Virginia public schools, we only focus on the history of our state and our country so it was really interesting to gain a deeper knowledge about another country.

This course consisted of written essays, movie reports, video discussion boards, and in-class presentations. These broad learning methods allowed me to constantly stay engaged in class and retain greater knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Spanish culture and so as my artifact I included a brief PowerPoint presentation that I made for the course discussing a historical building. This building is astonishing in its architecture and its creation created financial and legal problems for the area it is in and the architecture who created it. Spain is a beautiful country and learning its history confirmed that.