NURS 310 Enhancement

I enhanced my NURS 310: Principles of Pathophysiology course to receive Honors Credit. For this enhancement I worked with two other students answering the research question, “Will Education Change the Perceptions of Sophomore Nursing Student’s on Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine?”

To answer this question we gave a presentation to the sophomore nursing students educating them about the COVID-19 vaccine. Prior to the presentation we provided them with a pre-test assessing their knowledge about the vaccine and then a post-test with the same questions after the presentation. We then collected all the data from the two tests and created a poster to present at Longwood’s Research Day.

Presenting at Research Day allowed us to share our research with the Longwood community. It was also a great way for us as a group to become more proficient at research and more confident in our ability to present research as well. As my artifact for this page I am attaching the poster we presented on Research Day.