Symposium – CTZN 410

CTZN 410 is a class that all Lancers are required to take before graduation. The class is called Symposium for the Common Good and has different sections that focus on different topics. Within the class, students prepare and generate a product for public consideration that is presented during the campus wide Symposium Day.

The CTZN 410 course I participated in was centered around the theme of human flourishing. We studied the work of Aristotle, David Foster Wallace, Iris Murdoch, Martha Nussbaum, and the dissertation of our lecturer Dr. Adam Blincoe. While studying all of these works we learned how individuals and communities enmesh and flourish together. Our product that we presented to the public was a proposal for the creation of a nature playground here in Farmville that would enhance the flourishing of children, families, and the community.

Here is the link to my class’ completed project.

This course taught me much more than just how a nature playground related to human flourishing but also what it meant for me to flourish myself. Through all of our studies I learned some of my strengths and weaknesses and what I needed to do to flourish to be the best version of myself and what my role is in helping others flourish.