Goal 1: Longwood Seminar

My Longwood Seminar class helped me meet my first General Education Goal as a Longwood student and was designed to help me get acclimated to college life.

One type of assignment associated with my LSEM class was weekly journals chronicling which were used to get us used to campus and to analyze our summer reading novel.

The reason I have chosen to reflect on “Journal 1: Campus as Text” is because it was one of the first assignments I completed as a college student and because I think the assignment gave me a new perspective on campus life.

For this assignment, I went to Ruffner and observed student life in that building.  I also interviewed people and asked them their feelings about the building.  This assignment gave me a new perspective and helped me to understand the importance of both this building and the objects within it.  For example, located in the center of Ruffner is a statue of Joan of Arc, affectionately know as “Joanie on the Stonie”.  Many of the students, when walking to class, rub her hands on the way to their classes.  It is said to be good luck.  After completing this assignment, I touch her hands everytime I enter that building.