Brock Experince: General Education 495

After my study abroad, I became increasingly interested in traveling to places that I never been to before. I discovered that I really liked going to new places and learning everything I could about that location. I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I decided that I was going to go on the Brock Experience Yellowstone trip to further push myself out of my comfort zone and to give me a greater perspective on some of the issues that different parts of our nation are facing.  During our trip to Yellowstone, we were put into different groups based on what we had ranked our interests as. I was placed into the fire group and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had since being at Longwood. The two other members of my group and I learned about how fire affects the Yellowstone ecosystem. Although fire can be seen as bad as it destroys the trees and the foliage, it can actually help to create new life. I would not have known this had I not been given the opportunity to learn about fire’s effects on Yellowstone.

We completed a variety of assignments that help us to gain different perspectives on the issues facing Yellowstone. The final assignment was a written paper that was meant to showcase the topic of my group. after speaking with multiple stakeholders, one including a previous firefighter, I decided to write about the fire of 1988, which destroyed a large portion of Yellowstone.   the paper helps to show all of the information that I have learned from the different people we talked to and the different locations he had visited while in Yellowstone. I think that this trip helps to make me more aware of the effects that certain issues can have on people in different locations.  It also helped me to push past my limits and learn about new places.