Goal 3: American Literature

My American Literature class was an Honors course that helped me to further develop my skills as a writer.  I have chosen to reflect on the final paper I wrote for the class.

I put a great deal of thought into what poem I would choose to analyze for my final paper.  I finally chose to analyze a poem that I had heard in a movie. In the movie To the Bone, Anne Sexton’s Courage is used to describe the main character’s power despite her frail exterior. This resonated with me, and I chose to discuss Sexton’s life and of what caused her to write this poem.

Writing “Your courage was a small coal”: Confessionalism in Anne Sexton’s “Courage” allowed me to express all of the new skills that I had learned throughout the course. This paper was extremely difficult for me to write because I was not particularly good at analyzing poetry.  My teacher though, Dr. VanNess helped me to formulate my ideas and of how to organize my thoughts in the paper.

This paper and the help of Dr. VanNess helped to boost my overall confidence in my writing ability. Also, this paper helped me to figure out my writing style and furthered my understanding of American Literature.