When most people think about the word “service,” they think about community service, meaning volunteer work or providing services free of charge.  While community service is a wonderful thing, the members of the Cormier Honors College at Longwood University provided a different kind of “service”.

Rather than just completing acts of community service, the members of the Cormier Honors College constantly looking for ways to do good acts or searching for ways to do good.  This is true of the majority of Longwood students, but it is especially true of Cormier Honors College students. On campus, we have three secret societies, Chi, Princeps, and Cahoots.  The Cormier Honors College students try to follow these mottos: “To Lead Is to Serve” (Princeps’s motto) and “Service to the Whole Without Seeking Honor for Thyself” (Chi’s motto). Honors students are always looking out for their fellow community members.  This acts fo kindness could be anything from holding the door open for another student, writing thank you cards to their professors, or helping a providing encouragement to fellow students. Honors students are constantly looking for ways to serve their Longwood community.

That being said, there are plenty of community service opportunities available Honors students, and the Longwood Community as a whole. During the Cormier Honors retreat, I volunteered at Clean Virginia Waterways along with other members of my class. This would not have gotten this amazing opportunity without the Cormier Honors College.   The Cormier Honors College does an excellent job of helping its students provide service in their daily lives.