The motto of the Cormier Honors College is that “It’s not more work; it’s different work.” Scholarship, the final pillar of the Cormier Honors College, are thought of in a different way at Longwood University.  Academics treated differently in the Cormier Honors College in comparison to traditional schooling at other universities.  Being a Cormier Honors College student does not mean that you will just be taking extra classes or be receiving extra assignments. For example, In my Honors American English course, we learned to analyze literature for American ideas and beliefs, all while looking at their context in the time period in which they were written.  This class helped me to learn how to analyze not only the symbols in literature but also the environment from which this writing developed.

The Honors College is a support system for their students.  In this program, I am constantly being offered unique educational opportunities. With Honors, the classes I have taken take learning outside of the classroom and their lessons can be applied outside of the classroom setting.  In my first year here, I participated in team building activities at a ropes course, I was elected treasurer of the Honors Student Association, and became a member of the executive board of HSA.

The Cormier Honors College gives their student the opportunity to personally grow and create their own experiences, all while fostering their academic success to make them into well rounded, and thoughtful individuals. As a Cormier Honors student, I feel like I have the support to both conquer all of my academic courses and be involved in whatever clubs and activities I want.