Study Abroad Reflection

Selfie with Ria the elephant at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

I decided to study abroad on a faculty led program to Thailand.  While in Thailand we traveled to Bangkok, Kachanaburi and Krabi.  Each one of these places had a completely different feel than the last.  While in Bangkok we visited the King’s Palace, as well as many Temples to learn about the Buddhist Religion, as well as to see their extensive architecture.  While in Kachanaburi we visited the Sunken Temple which was not under water during the time we went, so we were able to walk around it.  We visited the Bridge on the River Kwai and Hell Fire Pass.  This was one of the most influential places we visited because of all the history that happened at these places.  One of my favorite days was when we got to visit a local Thai school, where they were giving Monks offerings.  Also, we got to visit a local orphanage where they had a weaving shop, so we purchased many beautiful gifts at this location in order to benefit the orphanage.  We also went to MANY markets whether they were clothing markets, or food markets.  When we made it to Krabi it was the last few days of our trip, and it was unfortunately raining the majority of the time there.  However, we did try to make the best of our time.  The first day we had free time to walk around, shop, and relax.  The second day we went kayaking in the mangrove forest with the monkeys.  The third day in Krabi we went four wheeling, white water rafting, and zip lining through an excursion.  Although this trip was exhausting mainly because of the drastic 12 hour difference between Virginia and Thailand, but also because we tried to see everything while we were there.  This was absolutely a once in a lifetime trip, and I wish I could do it all over again.