Goal 13: GNED 400 Written Discourse

Grand Tetons National Park with sorority sisters.

In order to complete GNED 400 I had the amazing opportunity to travel all the way to the Grand Tetons and Yellow Stone National Park.  This experienced turned an ordinary senior level course into a life altering, eye opening once in a lifetime opportunity.  Although I found this experience to change my life for the better from the amazing opportunities we received from taking nature hikes within the national park to waking up at 4 am to go wildlife watching I did have a huge obstacle that did challenge my ability to succeed the way I wanted to.  Unfortunately, we were placed in groups that were randomly assigned and my group partners cared more about the social aspect of the trip than the school work portion.  I found myself writing all of our blogs, as well as updating our social media just to keep a decent grade all while being completely exhausted from the long days.  I did try and speak up to my group members and when they did help they did not put their full effort into their part such as drawing a town map with one road and two street signs with nothing else to show which obviously would not cut it when being graded by professors.  I would constantly have to go back and make sure their work was up to par and often times had to redo it due to the fact they immediately went out before making sure the group was satisfied with the work.  I found this to be one of the most frustrating experiences in terms of group work while at the same time being an amazing experience due to what we were surrounded with in terms of nature and culture.  In the end it worked itself out, but I will always know I could have done much better work with a group that was contributing equal and I think that is the part that is upsetting the most