Goal 3: American Literature 203

English 203, or also known as American Literature, World Literature, or British Literature.  I chose to take American Literature.  Throughout this course we were expected to have read 1-2 short stories before every class in order to be prepared for a three question quiz.  This was pretty much the extent of the course we read the short story before class, and then take a quiz.  I took this class my first semester at Longwood so I found it to be quite challenging.  Not so much because of the content, but the overall aspect of the class in regards to the pace as well as still trying to adjust to college.  I found myself realizing the importance of putting school first my first semester at college which can be a struggle for most freshman.   This class help set the standard of what to expect from college level courses so moving forward I had a better understanding of what to expect and how to approach a faster moving course with an ability to quickly adapt.

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