Alpha Delta Pi hosting community event in Farmville to raise money for RMH

During my freshman year at Longwood University Cormier Honors college gave me amazing opportunities to get involved in and around campus as well as to get to know my fellow honors college students.  In 2015, there was a week long retreat which immersed me in  Longwood and Cormier Honors College activities.  This retreat allowed me to make connections with students which in turn helped me get even more involved moving forward with my collegiate career. I met some upper class nursing majors while at the first HSA meeting.  They got me involved with the nursing association which in turn does a ton of community service.  I got involved with the MS walk, Alzheimers walk, volunteering at FACES, donating items to local church groups, and many many more activities involving the community of Farmville and Longwood.  Giving back to the community through an association tied to my major made it even more rewarding as I was helping out the community of Farmville as well as the nursing association.  Second semester of my sophomore year I joined Alpha Delta Pi, a sorority found on campus.  Since joining this organization I have been very involved within the community such as going with a group of sisters to the town parades to support everyone and everything they do!

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