Goal 9: Economics 300 – Diversity

I recently completed this class through study abroad to Thailand in the beginning of summer 2016.  This was an intensive class as we did the main course load the week after finals.  Every day we took an exam on the material we covered the day before.  We had a 3 hour meeting time in the morning, four hour in the afternoon, and normally about three and a half in the evening.  Having this schedule allowed us to begin school the Monday following finals, and finish that Friday morning.  We left for Thailand the upcoming Saturday, so we only had a full day at home.

This photo was taken at a village in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  We had just had the amazing experience of meeting the village elephant whom we got to feed and hug.  We fortunately remembered the Longwood scarf on this day in order to take a photo (sadly without the elephant)!

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