As service for LSEM, I volunteered at a Therapeutic Riding Center.  I absolutely loved volunteering, and helping others who have the same passion for horses as I do, learn and be able to ride even with a disability to overcome.  Being able to make someone excited about something that is not only enhancing their mood, but also helping their body therapeutically recover from their disability, or an injury they need to overcome.  I have always thought of horses to be therapeutic for me, and they have  given me a sense of calmness whenever I needed as I grew up.  Horses have in fact been proven to be therapeutic and that is why anyone who is stressed out, disabled, injured, etc., should look to horses to help them in whatever way they need helped.

Supporting and Raising Money for Relay for Life!

Throughout my time in Alpha Delta Pi and the Student Nursing Association (SNA) I have had endless opportunities to partake in service centered activities.  My all time favorite is being able to do a semesterly trip with sisters and visit our charity, Ronald McDonald House (RMH).  When we go to RMH we make cookies, make breakfast for the families staying there as well as talk with them and see how they are doing and feeling to hopefully provide a distraction or at the very least a support system for them.  SNA has allowed me to help raise money for Alzheimers and MS by partaking in walks around school to show support and even monetary donations raised by friends and family to go towards the cause.  Longwood has opened my eyes to the importance of giving back to those in need, and service will be a factor that will touch me the rest of my life.

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