Letter to Senior Self

I hope you have taken the NCLEX (and passed it!), and working towards your next step in your career.  I hope you still have the drive to be the very best nurse and person possible.  Maybe you’re working on the ICU floor, or maybe you’re working on the pediatric floor?  One thing is for sure is that you are  working to obtain a higher degree in education.   Do you still plan to  be pursing my Nurse Practitioner degree specializing in anesthesia?  I hope you continue to strive to be successful in anything you do.  When you do get into a graduate program I hope you understand you may not always be the brightest in the room, but you have stamina and resilience that will help you succeed in anything you put your mind to.  I hope you still want to give someone a sense of hope, and that if you don’t know already you are trying to find the part of nursing that you absolutely love.  I hope you are taking time to give back to your community who has given so much to you even if it is just volunteering to give flu shots to members of society.  What about service? Are you still taking time to help those that are in need?  Think about making a trip to RMH to visit families who are going through something much bigger than yourself and your small issues.  Think about donating your clothes you no longer wear in order to give someone who is in desperate need of tennis shoes, or even just a winter jacket.  No matter what, I hope you’re happy and that every decision that you make is with yourself in mind as taking time to put yourself first will help you be a better person to others.

Yours Truly