Honors 495

Honors 495 is the Problem of Evil course with Dr. Adam Blincoe. This class was essentially a theology and philosophy of evil and religion class. I think this class was the most enticing one I have had in my time here, but one of the most difficult to understand. I thought that I knew a lot about the Christian religion, but there was a lot of it that I didn’t know and/or did not understand. So it not only challenged my own understanding of my religion, but also made me question it a bit. It was a hard time removing myself from my personal beliefs, and try to put myself in the shoes of an atheist or even a theist who was questioning God. Additionally, we learned about the different ways of proposing the problem of evil which boils down to: why does evil exist if God does? For my final project I wrote a paper on how the theist does not need to respond to the existential problem of evil because a person does not need to defend their personal religion on a broad level.