Letter To Future Self

Dear Future Haleigh,

First of all, I am proud of wherever you are in your life when you’re reading this. I hope that you have taken your freshman year as a lesson learned and a basis to focus more on organization and balancing your time. Psychology and Neurostudies are difficult areas of study but I know you can do anything you apply yourself to. Being a pediatrician has been a dream of yours since you were a kid because your main goal in life is helping others, and your love for kids will help you guide your path in that direction. Longwood and the Comier Honors College are some of the best decisions you have made in life, and I hope that your love for the school has grown overtime. If you still are going on the medical track, I hope that you still consider applying to Howard’s medical school in D.C. so that you are back in your element and you can experience what it is life to go to an HBCU. Longwood is already feeling like a second home to me now, so I know for you it is even more of a family feeling which means it will be very difficult to leave it. I know that you are putting in maximum effort for the satisfaction of yourself and because you know your family believes in you.

I believe in whatever dream you choose to follow.

With hope,

Haleigh in 2017