Chemistry 111

Chemistry is not a subject that I have excelled in while I’ve been in school, for some reason it is the only science that hasn’t clicked with me so I try to work even harder to combat the challenge it gives me. For this class, I really appreciated the creativity and fun of the labs because it allowed everyone to enjoy it, even those who aren’t chemistry majors. This lab in particular was one of my favorites because I like to do things that are applicable to real life, and look at health. We compared the density of regular and diet soda, particularly ginger ale, to see how the sugar affected the weight. Regular soda is more dense than diet, as we had predicted, and it was almost disturbing how the regular soda sank in water and the diet floated. It is something I have always known, but being able to do this experiment and actually see why it is the way it is was interesting and rewarding. This class helped me relive my fear of chemistry classes.