Women’s Lacrosse

During the summer of 2015, I was recruited by Coach Jones and Coach Bruns to play for Longwood’s division 1 lacrosse program. During September I traveled to Longwood for the first time to have an official visit with the team and see the school. I immediately fell in love with the campus I had seen and players I had met, and lacrosse was an added bonus because I loved the sport. Two months later, on National Signing Day, I signed my letter of intent signifying that I would attend Longwood for the whole academic 2016-2017 year. Our team began our fall practicing a few days after classes had started in August and after a lot of trials and tribulations during the first semester I realized that I could no longer be a student-athlete at this level. The second semester I did stay a part of the team, but I did not play, in essence “taking a semester off” to focus on my mental health and my schoolwork. I do appreciate the Longwood Lacrosse Program because if it wasn’t for them I would not have known about this wonderful school and opportunity, and in my future at Longwood I will continue to show endless support for the team because they are a part of my family.