thumb_IMG_0726_1024The VAASL conference was a combination of instruction, enthusiasm, encouragement, cooperation, and collaboration. All necessary components if we as school librarians are going to navigate “The Edge” successfully both individually and collectively. There was certainly no shortage of relevant and current topics, tools and research listed in the session schedule. The difficult part was trying to fit every session I wanted to attend into the three days. The new online SCHED tool made planning a workable schedule as easy as the touch on a screen and a check in a box.

With graduation approaching, I chose to attend sessions that were a blend of topics studied in classes, a plethora of technology tools mixed together with the experience of librarians. I have had the opportunity to take part in multiple cohorts over the last two years: each one at a different place in the Longwood program. Many of the students I have attended class with have finished the program and launched into the world of school librarianship. This conference was a wonderful opportunity to hear first hand their different experiences as first year librarians. This proved to be a great resource as they shared a wealth of practical tips and suggestions during conversations that occurred throughout the three days. Thank you for encouraging and supporting Longwood Librarian students to attend this conference. I look forward to putting into practice the principles learned from the sessions. For me, the VAASL conference was an opportunity to think, create, share and grow.