This year, the Speech-Language Hearing Association of Virginia’s annual conference was held in Richmond at the Double tree Hotel conference center. This was my first year attending and I hope to make it a regular event in the future. Speech-language pathologists and other professionals from all around Virginia and other nearby states presented on a variety of topics relevant to the field. I attended a session on infant feeding, social communication disorder, facilitating vocabulary development in the schools, and the Frazier Free Water protocol. The presentations were informative and interesting and it was nice to hear the perspectives from a lot of SLPs who are out and working in local schools/hospitals/rehabs centers. In addition to the presentations, there was a display of vendors/recruiters that were more than happy to talk with us about our future plans and answer any questions we may have had. Everyone I met throughout the weekend was very friendly and helpful and the whole experience had me very excited about my future as an practicing SLP.