WGST 395

Reproductive Justice (Fall 2020)

The artifact I have chosen to present for this course is the introduction from my final exam in December 2020: a podcast episode discussing the importance of reproductive rights for adolescents within our community in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Through this podcast, I provided arguments on how adolescents’ reproductive rights are currently infringed and how I believe, with my knowledge from this course, they can be improved upon into the future.

In reflection of WGST 395 with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell, I learned a lot from this course about the importance of reproductive rights for women across the world. From contraceptives to abortion, WGST 395 provided an analysis of the controversial histories of these concepts and how the availability of them have developed for women over time. Being a male, I often failed to think about the vitality of this subject before entering this course, but following it, I now have a newfound knowledge and vision for the reproductive rights of women. This course was substantial in giving me empathy for situations I may not be personally involved in, which will be significant throughout the rest of my life.