ENGL 165

Writing and Rhetoric (Spring 2020)

Diversity in Rhetoric: The Odyssey of Writing Formats (Presentation)

This artifact is a presentation another student, Eliot Dix, and I did for our ENGL 165 course in February 2020. Rather than a pitch like in CTZN 110, this was more of an analysis/summary of an academic article we read for the course. The academic article’s name was “A Stranger in Strange Lands,” which took a personal look at how students respond to different writing formats across different disciplines and analyzed their adaptability in writing overall.

In reflection of ENGL 165, I believe the course gave me a new perspective on writing across the curriculum in the academic world. Before, I never really paid attention to the differences in usage of language, structure, and reference in writings from different fields, but ENGL 165 shined a light on it. The artifact display this knowledge I obtained by highlighting the understanding I have of the diversity of writing after reading a given text for the course. The course has immensely helped me for future usage of different writing styles in many disciplines I will indulge in over the next few years at Longwood.