Scholarship involves the academic advancement of students through a diversity of courses and educational services. The Cormier Honors College provides this to its students with a variety of courses in different disciplines and fields of study to allow students to broaden their education beyond their major. This goes beyond simple courses as well, providing opportunities such as a study abroad where students can travel to a different country and learn scholarly information from an entirely new perspective.

In my life, scholarship has been provided to me in the form of education through Charlotte County Public Schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade. In my Junior and Senior years of high school, I furthered my education through the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia, receiving my Associate’s Degree along with my Advanced High School Diploma from Randolph-Henry High School.

Now, at Longwood, I am furthering my education through both the Kinesiology program and by taking courses offered by Cormier Honors College. In the Kinesiology program, I have also selected Applied Health Sciences Professions as my concentration, with the intent to focus my studies on the medical application of Kinesiology.

Beyond my studies at Longwood University, I plan to obtain my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. As of May 2022, I have not currently decided if I will begin these studies in the Summer of 2023 or 2024, but I plan to perform these studies at either Hampton University, Old Dominion University, or Virginia Commonwealth University. I have been in contact with each of these schools and am excited about what lies ahead!

Graduation from SVCC, 2019