MATH 301

Applied Statistics (Spring 2020)

For my artifact from MATH 301, I have provided the first report I wrote for the class in March 2020, providing a statistical analysis of the mobile game 2048. Through the report, we were to analyze if there was a significant difference in scores after swiping 10 times and after swiping 15 times. By conducting tests, I concluded that there was a significant difference in these scores.

In reflection of MATH 301, I was able to gain a more statistical, mathematical perspective of the world around us. Along with learning many statistical tests and their implications, we also learned to program using the online tool RStudio Cloud, which provided me basic skills in programming and software modification. In our world, many of the concepts and objects we come across are results of programming and statistical development, so I found that this course benefited my perspective in the deeper aspects in the technology we have developed as I go forward in life.