CTZN 110

Social Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship (Fall 2019)

Biking Sustainably (Presentation)

This artifact is the presentation another student, Daniel Alvarez, and I presented as our final exam in December 2019 for the course CTZN 110 with Dr. Dolence. The goal of the pitch was to provide new ideas on how we could persuade individuals around campus to bike and improve the carbon footprint of our community.

In reflection of CTZN 110, I believe that the course helped me grow an immense understanding of how to be innovative and practical as a citizen in my community. It taught me many ways of approaching a new idea to implement into society and how to go about promoting it. In the above artifact, this gained knowledge was displayed by providing a pitch using skills obtained from the course to promote something both Daniel and I found we were passionate about: being sustainable for our environment. I feel that this course will help me be more assertive in being an adequate citizen leader and being innovative in both my future at Longwood and my whole life ahead.