Greetings! My name is Jacob Barker, a Longwood University student in the undergraduate class of 2023. Currently, I am majoring in Kinesiology with an Applied Health Sciences concentration, intending to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy beyond my time at Longwood University. I am from Drakes Branch, Virginia, am 21 years old, and have had plenty of hobbies throughout the years: playing piano, drawing, photography, digital art, and running.

Of all these hobbies, running has piqued my interest the most, as I have done it at least once a week since 2015! In November 2019, I completed my first Marathon at the Richmond Marathon with a time of 3:32:51. While I am not participating in any collegiate sports, I frequently compete in many races across Virginia; my favorite race I have completed is the 2021 Richmond Half-Marathon, where I ran a personal best time of 1:18:57! My biggest accomplishment of all, though, is probably the 2022 One City Marathon, where I ran a time of 2:50:21 and officially qualified for both the 2022 New York City Marathon and 2023 Boston Marathon, both races I will be completing in my senior year at Longwood University!

Richmond Half-Marathon, November 2021

In terms of academics, I started at Longwood University in August 2019 with the intention to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After my first semester, I realized my passions were focused elsewhere, shifting my major to Kinesiology in May 2020. Since then, I have been avidly passionate about Kinesiology and its many implications in our society! Even more so, I have gained a sharp interest in helping those with physical impairments in our community, which I hope to do through my future career!

In terms of my current career, I have been working part-time at the Walmart Supercenter in Farmville, Virginia since June 2019 as I continue to work towards my degree. Beyond this, I hope to enter the field of physical therapy, helping both elderly and young individuals with physical issues so they can live happily and healthily! As a runner, I would love to see a world where many more can do the same! One day in the near future, I would love to eventually be referred to as Dr. Jacob Barker!

Spring Student Showcase, April 2022