MATH 171

Statistical Decision Making (Fall 2019)

This artifact was a group paper I wrote in October 2019 with another student, Kody Scordellis, as an assignment for MATH 171. For this paper, we used our statistical knowledge obtained from the course in order to analyze a survey performed on Longwood’s campus asking students how likely they believed it was that they would get married in the next 10 years. We tested to see if our sample was efficient for estimating the results for other years and categories.

In reflection of MATH 171, I believe that the course helped me immensely in understanding statistical decision making and testing data in proper, scholarly manners. Before the course, I never knew exactly how statisticians properly analyzed data to come to the best conclusions in studies, but this course helped me immensely in understanding hypothesis testing and statistical significance. I believe this gained knowledge was properly displayed in my artifact, as both Kody and I used statistical language we never previously understood before MATH 171. MATH 171 helped me immensely in MATH 301 in the Spring 2020 semester and will to continue to help me in analyzing statistics in the future.