RELI 342

Religion and Literature (Spring 2021)

For my artifact from this course, I have provided my final exam from this course that I wrote in May 2021, reflecting on my knowledge from this course. In the paper, we were to analyze the many theologians we read excerpts from throughout the semester along with the pieces of literature we gradually read to build an overall conclusion of our newly formed perspective gained from the course. This artifact is the longest paper I had ever individually written as of May 2021!

In reflection of RELI 342, I definitely gained an immense amount of philosophical enlightenment from this course. Before, I had never truly analyzed the concepts of existentialism and their implications within my life and our society, but like WGST 395, the course opened my eyes to a new perspective that I did not know I needed. By the end of the course, I was able to truly understand how to view others as subjects and develop deeper connections with those I come in contact with. As I progress in life and communicate with many strangers, colleagues, and loved ones, I will always remember my studies and RELI 342 and how to truly grasp subjectivity to be the most compassionate, empathetic individual I can be.