Letter to Senior Self

Dear Jacob,

I suppose this letter shall be opened at a later date. I wonder how far we have come from the time I am writing this letter, at the conclusion of freshman year. We have already had to change majors once (from Computer Science to Kinesiology), but I have a feeling that we will not have to do that again. At the moment, I absolutely love kinesiology and the idea of going into physical therapy. The idea of helping people with their physical problems to improve their way of living just sounds so comforting to me. I wonder if we will fulfill the dream of being an NCAA Cross Country athlete at any point in our times at Longwood. We have a long way to go, but I think we can do it. I wonder also how far we will go with our education. I may just get my Bachelor’s for the time being, but will you take it a step further and aim for a Master’s?

I wonder these things a lot, but I am sure no matter what, you will follow your heart and lead us in a direction of success, gratitude, and companionship. Keep working hard, and I shall too, and someday, when you open this, we will meet. Stay focused!


Jacob Barker