Study Abroad

Costa Rica

I studied abroad during the winter intersession of 2022-2023. Before leaving on the trip I completed a two week class where I learned lots about Costa Rica.

In the class we learned about their economy and how they strive to protect their environment. Their sustainability procedures and how they are so advanced with this technology to still be considered a developing nation.

While I had an abundance of knowledge before leaving nothing could have ever prepared me for this amazing experience abroad. It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We trekked the rainforest, learned about and saw wildlife. Participated in adventure tourism activities such as horseback riding and ziplining. Ate amazing authentic food. Learned about the culture and how some food gets from their fields to out tables back here in the United States.

Below is a picture of our guide and all of the amazing students that I went on this trip with as were were leaving to go white water rafting.