Music 224 – Music Appreciation

I took Music 224 to count towards my total number of honors classes needed. I have always had a deep love for music since a young age. I was raised in a household where music was a big part of our lives and I thought this class would be fun. I was a bit scared it would be more focused around the history of music rather than the music itself but the class was a blend of the two together rather than focusing heavily on one. In this class we explored classical music and analyzed the different components that make music, as well as certain features that make the pieces so iconic. We also learned about influential composers and focused on music that is still influencing music today. One of the most important ideas that I took away from this class is that music really is a form of freedom of speech and that it is constantly changing and evolving throughout generations.

This artifact above is the PowerPoint that the six of us in this class made together to present at the research showcase in Fall of 21. I think that the best part of this class was all of us working together. For this project there was a lot of research and time that went into it, from making the power point and sitting down and marking every occurrence of music throughout the movie. Overall I enjoyed this class and the other honors students that I got to work with.